god vomit
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name: alex

nickname: ali roy

b‘day: january 26th

gender: girly as shit 

sexuality: haha mostly straight? idk

height: 5’7”

time zone: central

what time and date is it there: fuck rent’s due.

average hrs of sleep: around eight give or take
last thing I googled was: 4chan celebrity nudes leaked. but i couldn’t find shit. someone help me find this.

most used phrase(s): “k bai” “homie” “what the fuck”

first word that comes to mind: bougie 

what I last said to a family member: “what’s Will’s last name?”
one place that makes me happy and why: the cheese aisle at costco. i don’t think i need to say more.
how many blankets I sleep under: these are really random questions. during the summer just a sheet if one at all. in the winter, my down comforter and a sheet.
favorite beverage(s): mojitos, span pellegrino limonata, coffee, beer, whiskey 

last movie I watched in the cinema: haha the second hunger games. that’s embarrassing. 
a piece of advice to all my followers: do your thing
3 things u cant live without: live music, thrift stores, my glasses.

now to tag the lovelies efemmere, kotidianprostituta ,doctorjesus, tinybabymouth, and last but not least thecosmonaut

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Turkish weaver in Goreme Turkey hand-weaving a rug.
Photo taken in Turkey by robjwood
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