god vomit

the maker-polica

maker of the lips i kiss

maker of the life i miss

there’s the boss who draws the gun

white balloon the setting sun

no i can’t roll cause i’m too lonely

oh my god why won’t you hold me

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From the exhibit Drinking on the Job by Neck Face

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2010s Fashion JEWEL Designer Dior SKULL Death 17 Jh Cognato Style
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M∙A∙C Backstage at Manish Arora, SS15 Paris Fashion Week

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radductio said: Hi darling! How are you? I am Erica. I am a game manager and tester. Our team is currently testing our latest online game and would like to ask you to try it out. Your opinion will mean a lot. Be one of them first to play it! Would really appreciate your help. It will take only few moments of your time. Give it a try on MY PAGE. Let me know how it was, we can chat after. Erica:)* xoxo

i don’t play games

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Currently wining and dining myself with cheese tortellini and sauce from scratch with “a nice chianti” haha
Now if only I could 69 myself.

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